1. Quick challenge: Gravity

    Staged gravity using found objects and fishing line

  2. Quick Challenge: Layers

    Cardboard covered in just about anything I could find around my apartment.

  3. pretty old, but its still there

    pretty old, but its still there

  4. BA Portfolio progress…Welded square rods (2ftx2ft)

    These will eventually be the legs of the end table I’m making. Next week I will be building the top with a drawer. I’m thinking about accenting the new clean frame of the top with an aged rustic piece of pine I found a while ago as the drawer. once finished with building the top i will finish the wood with stain and wax and seal the metal then assemble the legs and top of this table to create a modern end table with a rustic accent. This pieces inspiration came from my interest in design, more specifically furniture. to me design incorporates a functional use into my art work. while still being influenced by a larger idea of quality, aesthetic appeal, and innovative style. I can create a work of art that serves dual purposes and can be reproduced.

  5. reading response: Art & Fear pages 1-36

    This reading starts off talking about the artist as them self. it put emphasis on learning to accept yourself which leads to more personal work. It also talks about how an artist must accept many paths to be successful. Loosing the ability to create art is also a major issue for young artists especially ones newly graduated. A good way to avoid this is to make friends with other artists and share and critique work frequently. ultimately an artist is someone who continues making art, not someone who quits. an artist vision is also relevant to their work however vision will always be ahead of execution. Materials are potential and they will remain potential until you make something. overall uncertenty is essential. a sense of what you are looking for, strategy, and willingness to accept mistakes are all needed to help deal with uncertenties. Perfection and talent are gained by making lots of work and weeding out the bad work, or getting feedback. theorizing about perfection wont lead to perfection. The interaction between the ideal and real locks art into the real world and gives it meaning. And the lessons that are meant to be learned are in your work.

    To me these reasons listed are the most relevant as a young artist. this reading seems to serve as a guide line to me being a successful artist in the future, expanding on ideas and issues that an artist about to graduate most likely will run into sooner then later. Its very interesting to read about someone elses thoughts on subjects that i still have yet to fully understand and i think that some of these hints could lead me to one day be a more successful artist.

  6. Independent Study progress…

  7. Quick Challenge: Silhouette

    Items found around my apartment, shown in front of tracing paper, with back lighting from a clamp on light.

  8. BA Portfolio Reading Response 1: Critiques

    This reading covers the dynamics a a General critique for an upper lever art student. After this reading a critique to me should be a group of faculty, staff, students, etc. that come together to analyze an Artist’s work and engage with them about their ideas using their own thoughts and ideas. Buster and Crawford mention how to analyze a critique through language as well as body language despite it being arbitrary and subjective. It seemed like a lot can be noticed by the audiences reactions of interest in your work. Always try to keep you work original, references to other artists are common in art and very often regurgitated and turned into your own interpretations. Figures in authority often judge work, some times being narcissistic others productive, however them important thing is not to feed into the narcissism and absorb the advice given to you from those who are perhaps more experienced then yourself who are trying to share their knowledge. The data from the critique is also a very important part for the artist showing their work. Notes, a video, or audio recording can be a great reference in the long run and can be beneficial too look back too if you are having trouble with your work. over all the goal of a critique is to accurately discuss issues in an artists work. Talk about things relevant to the piece itself such as inspiration, process, and display. Its is very easy to get off topic during critiques and stray away from the artwork being viewed, but when thought out and focused on a good critique can lead to a lot of positive output from an artist.

  9. Anonymous said: what do you think the age of the deer skull is? Very creative idea by the way!

    The deer was most likely born on April 3rd, 2004 around 7:13am. So that makes the age of the skull about 10 year 5 months old. And thank you!

  10. Just another little side project…
Sperm whale
cast fiberglass resin and acrylic paint

    Just another little side project…

    Sperm whale

    cast fiberglass resin and acrylic paint